Dragon’s Ω April 26, 2017 – Posted in: Vape Dragons

East Coast’s Largest Cloud Comp Wall (Dragon’s Ω)

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If you’re a part of the long-term Vape Dragons family, you’ll already know about our Comp Wall located in Dickson City, Pennsylvania. As a part of the vape community, Vape Dragons welcomes all vapers, veteran or not, therefore we’ve built this wall as a way to say thank you to supporting us here at Vape Dragons. With that being said, our monumental Cloud Comp Wall measures a staggering 40 feet long, being the largest Cloud Comp Wall on the East Coast and possibly even the world! Prove us wrong! Dubbed “Dragon’s Ω”, this massive Comp Wall has been used for our social club events and we encourage you to check it out and see it for yourself! Wrapping it up with our coil workshop and our custom E-juice menu, you can build your coils right here in our shop and give the Dragon’s Ω a go with your favorite juice!

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