Secret Location Marketing – Enabling the Advertiser to promote new locations and get customers interacting with brands March 6, 2019 – Posted in: Vape Dragons

At the time of writing this article, our new Vape Dragons location is in the process of opening. At the time you read this, the store has already opened, or you have already put clues together and ultimately figured out where it’s located. In our more recent opening, Vape Dragons flooded the airwaves of Northeastern Pennsylvania with a new strategic approach targeted towards our Forty Fort location during the time of opening! In our previous path, we composed a game-plan which involved giving out hints to our new Forty Fort Vape Dragons location. Keywords like “Wishing Well” and “Involving Numbers” were disclosed, giving everyone a shot at guessing where the new Vape Dragons store will be! We’re planning to establish more riddles like this as a protocol to our new openings for everyone to participate in!

Here are previous clips of radio advertisements associated with this type of secret location marketing, which hopefully gives you a clear idea of what this strategy is all about.

This interesting method involves utilizing advertising and marketing strategies in several mediums like radio, newspapers, social media, and magazines in which businesses give clues or riddles to existing or new consumers as an opportunity to engage with the company. This type of strategy is employed in order to get customers talking about possible locations and interact with the company on a more personal level. Cryptic marketing strategies like this one bring people to wonder talk about it using clues provided on a plethora of advertising mediums. When you provide a mystery to solve and a level of obscurity, when done correctly, sets a stage for organic conversations between consumers. Campaigns like this one may result in social media conversations, and in-person conversations to take place as users attempt to decipher the messages. Of course, on the other side, this is not to say that marketers should produce campaigns that are riddled with an intense amount of obscurity as a blind attempt to start conversations amongst readers, listeners, and consumers. Be sure to keep a healthy level of obscurity in your advertisements with a specific purpose. Be sure to conduct an advertising plan that uses a mystery that is answerable but keeping in mind that obscurity in your plan is significant in generating popularity around a campaign. Businesses can offer rewards, loyalty points, or discounts as a benefit in participating in this type of marketing. Creating a secret location marketing campaign that can be deciphered may seem like an ambiguous objective, however, there are a few tactics that can help you make your campaign in any brand a success. First, use cryptic messaging mindfully and responsibly, in a way that will make sense to your customers and not confuse them to the point where they will never find out. Next, provide consumers a chance to interact with your brand organically by giving them a mystery to solve. Finally, the use of a good cliffhanger will encourage your customers to engage with a call-to-action.